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Onerous Worker Registration Scheme Ends

Onerous Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) Scheme Ends

by Marc van Ling

From 1 May 2011, the  Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) will no longer apply – this applies to workers from Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia (A8 countries).

At present workers from these countries, are required to register with the Home Office WRS Scheme whenever taking up employment within the UK. So employers will no longer have to check workers are registered with the UK Border Agency under the WRS or keep copies of the relevant documentation, ie their WRS application form and/or their WRS registration certificate.

The scheme was introduced to record the numbers of workers from A8 countries coming to the UK. However numbers of workers actually in the country proved difficult to verify as many workers hopped between countries when contracts ended. Keeping track of this process proved burdensome for employers and recruitment providers, as it was the worker's responsibility to apply for and obtain the permit, but they could work with an employer while waiting for the permit to arrive. Additionally, the scheme was expensive at £90, for low paid workers.

Europe Solutions informed their clients of the end of the scheme and all of them were glad that they can now incorporate A8 country workers into their HR systems as with any other EU worker. However, Romania and Bulgaria still require work permits under a different scheme.

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